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Adding Photos to Your Website

To add pictures, graphics or photgraphs to your pages they must first be included in your photo gallery. This gallery is accessible through the page editor and from there the images can be included in your pages. You have several options for getting the initial images.

You can Upload Your Own Photos

First you must know where the image is on your own computer. The image must be in jpg, jpeg or gif format. There are many image formats that your computer can use, however only the three mentioned will work on the web. The image must be under 200kb in size. Larger images will take too long to download.

To use images on your pages they must first be on the web server. You can upload up to 500 pics to an image gallery that can later be inserted into your web pages.

To upload images
>Click on the "Manage Photos" link on the top of any page.
>Click on "Upload Images to Gallery".

You will go to a page with a form similar to the one shown below.

Clicking the Browse button will pop up a window showing the files on your computer. Select the image you wish to upload, click open and the image location will appear in the text box next to the browse button.

The Preview button will show you the actual image that will be uploaded, in case you are not sure which image you have selected.

The Clear button will clear the file from the upload text box.

Clicking the Upload Button will begin the upload of the image to the server. If the image is sucessfully uploaded you will be sent back to the main management page.

You will also find a link to "Manage Images". This will show you all the images in your gallery. From that page you can remove any images you do not want, however, you must keep any images that are being used on pages.

All Images will be resized to 600 pixels maximum size when uploaded if they exceed that size. Images should be the actual size you plan to use on the page.

You can also use any of the over 10,000 clipart images we have in the clipart gallery. However, they must first be transfered into your image gallery. To do that, simply click the "Browse Clipart" link and find an image you wish to use. Clik the button under that image to add it to your gallery.


Once you have images in your gallery you can use them on your pages. When editing the page you will see an "insert image icon" on the menu bar of the editor. Clicking that icon will pop up a small window with your images (shown below). Clicking on an image will add it to the page full size. You can also click and drag the thumbnail from the window to the page. This will insert the smaller thumbnail rather than the full image.

To close the window with the images just click the insert image icon.

Now that the image is in your page, you can adjust it slighlty to fit the page. For the best results in sizing images, you should resize the images before you upload them to the website. But for small adjustments you can use the editor resize function. For more information about images sizes and formats check out the helpful articles section.

You can click on the images in the text editor and resize them to fit in the page you are building. This will not change the properties of the image but will modify how it is displayed in the page.

You can also drag the images to other areas of the page. So to move an image from the top to the bottom, just click on it and drag it to a new spot.

Note: You are building HTML pages, this is different than using MS Word or WordPerfect. Webpages are not 8.5"x11". So the page must have something in it to continue. By clicking in the editor area and hitting the <enter> key multiple times you can define lines in the page. This will allow you to move the pictures to any of the lines. If no lines are defined, you can only move pics to the first line of the page.

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