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The system includes over 6,000 unique fonts that you can use to make your page special. You can use these fonts for images such as your title space and your menu buttons. You can also download these fonts into your computer and use them for images you make yourself. These fonts cannot be used on the regular pages; click here to learn why.

Adding Fonts

Click on the Page Properties icon, scroll down to the Fonts section and click on the Add Additional Fonts link. Find a font you like.

You can click on D, for example, and you will see a listing of the fonts. If you want to add the Dadhand font, scroll down to the font and click on the add link.

When you click on Add, the system will bring you back to the same page. So, to get back to the main page properties section, click on the Page Properties icon at the top.

Now that you added the font to your font gallery, you can use that font in either your title space or your menu buttons. To use the font in your title space, click on the Customize The Template Title link under the Title Space / Company Logo section. Select the necessary options (to learn how to use this feature, click here). At section 4, click on the drop down box for Font Type and select Dadhand from the list.

Using Font in your Title Space

Using Font in your Main Buttons

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