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How do I Refresh my page?

By default, browsers save information. This function is called cache. Browsers cache this information to make browsing the web faster for you. As part of this process, browsers do not retrieve information from the website every time you go to the website. So, if you are working on your website and you just replaced a picture, you may still see the old picture on your website. "Refreshing" your page or "Reloading" your page tells your browser that there is a change and that the browser should check for that change.

How you refresh or reload depends on the browser you use. Most browsers have a refresh icon at the top. You have to find and click on that icon. The icon generally looks like two arrows following each other similar to a recycle sign or one arrow following itself. See below for a few examples.

Note: If after refreshing your page you still do not see the image, then you may need to clear your cache.

Internet Explorer 8.0

Other Versions of Internet Explorer

SBC Yahoo and/or AT&T Yahoo

Mozilla Firefox




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