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We do not offer POP Mail accounts, but rather we forward mail to any existing account. Each website is allowed 30 forwarding accounts to 30 different addresses.

If you need POP3 or IMAP access or would like to send mail directly from your computer please read Understanding Mail Options for more advanced mail solutions.

About eMail Forwarding
More simply, if you use "" for your mail and you want to use "", all mail sent to would be redirected to your regular mail account at where you would access all incoming mail and send mail from.

The sender has no idea that the mail was redirected, so they only know they sent mail to: But you have the mail in your regular box. This allows you to freely advertise your email at your domain as your business mail but change your actual mail at any time to any mail account.

This is particularly useful if you have Joe, Tina and John who all want mail accounts at your website. You can add,, and keeping some continuity in your business. Additionally, when John quits, you can redirect John's mail to your own account and not lose any customers that were working directly with John.

The advantage of forwarding is that you can receive and manage all your mail from a single mail account. You can redirect mail for employees and partners to any mail address and each person can use the mail system they are most comfortable with.

eMail Forwarding Settings

Mail setting are updated once each hour. So any changes you make can take up to 1 hour before email is redirected to the new location. If you change the settings, please wait 1 hour before testing.

To change mail setting click on the mailbox at the top of any management page.

Click the link "e-mail settings"

Simply fill in the forms as directed on the page. If you fill in all the forms and need more, click the update mail setting button at the bottom. When you return to the page again, there will be an additional 5 blank forms.

Sending Mail From Your Website

Most people send mail from their primary mail account but if you need to send a mail, you can send mail from your website management console. Mail sent from the management console will be the same as mail sent from a business account such as and will have no reference to any personal mail address from the forwarding.

The web based mail is also nice if you need to send a mail and don't have access to your mail account from the computer you are on.

To send a mail click on the mailbox at the top of any management page. Then click on Send outgoing e-mail. Just fill in the form and send it.

Note: Website based mail may not be treated the same as mail sent directly from your main mail account. It is more likely that the mail will be redirected to a spam folder when sending directly from your website. Mail filters have become very complex and look for any excuse to block mail.


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