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The Page Menu

The page menu is the main navigation bar for every page on your website. Even though you may have 100 or more pages on your website, you will not want to have all the pages listed on every page. Having a main menu with 100 buttons is just one very bad idea.

The menu can appear on any of the 4 sides of the page, right, left, top or bottom. The menu can be text links or images usually refered to as buttons.

By default, each page you add to your website will be included in the main menu as a text link. You can exclude pages from the main menu or convert the text links into buttom images.

The main menu, should be just that. A simplified navagation tool with 10 to 15 main topics. If you sell products, add a menu button for the shopping cart. Don't add a button for every product. The idea is to get people to the area of the website with your products where they can browse or buy. You also want to give the user the ability to get back to other areas of your website, such as the contact page or guestbook.

The system automatically adds pages to the main menu when you add the page. Use the "Exclude Pages" feature under the "Edit Pages" section of the management console, to remove the pages from the menu.

You can also define the order of the images that make up your menu. For information on defining button oder click here.

It is also important to note that search engines do not always read image links. So having text links to internal pages is critical to search engine inclusion. You can of course leave the main menu as text rather than making button images. But the look is cheap and unprofesional. The prefered method is to include links in your text.

The fact that you will have links within the pages is a good reason not to duplicate everything on the main menu.

You should also not allow the main menu to become the focal point of the website. Keep the buttons suttle and blended with the main design. You want the visitors viewing your pages, not being distracted by the navigation menu.

The online site builder allows you to build your own button images or use any of the thousands of button blanks in the gallery. But just because there are thousands of images to choose from does not mean you need to use them all. Sometimes it is hard to settle on the lest flashy button. But a clean and friendly design will pay off in the end.


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