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Used Car Dealer Tools

General Information - Our sitebuilder is one of the only online sitebuilders with a complete managements system for used car dealer websites. You can completely manage the vehicle galleries and website using tools designed only for used car dealers. Add secure cedit applications, export inventory and even post ads to craigslist right from your website. This page shows some of the features designed for used car dealers with more details on each individual feature's own help pages.


Adding Car Dealer Galleries to Pages - Each display option can be added to any of your regular pages by simply adding any of the codes below to any page using the page editor. See using inclusion codes for more details.

Program Description Inclusion Code
Standard car listings with small or large thumnail, 300 charater summary of description formatted long ways down the page search engine style listings. Options to add keyword search and sort. %%include-carlot%%
Thumbnail style with 9 or 20 images per page without description summarys. Options to add keyword search and sort and small or large thumbnails. %%include-carlotbrowse%%
Advanced search form allowing search and sort by make, model, year range, price range, and keywords. Great for large lots rather than having people browse through 200 cars they cannot afford. %%include-carlotsearch%%
Standard listings of cars that have been sold. Car listings can be moved to te sold gallery to show what you have sold in the past. %%include-carlotsold%%

Craigslist Posting Tool - The Craigslist posting tool allows used car dealers to place ads on craigslist that are fully formatted with contact details and photos from your website in just a few clicks.


Advanced Car Dealer Webmaster Tools

Editing the HTML & CSS of pages and Table Layouts - Webmasters that understand HTML can edit the current layouts or create their own layouts for the car dealer gallery pages that will be populated with data from the vehicle database.


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