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Building Custom Website Templates

The system is a template driven system. But unlike other systems, you can create your own templates and build dynamic html pages. An advanced developer or webmaster should have no trouble creating a template and adding it to the system for a client. If you only have a basic understanding of HTML then it may be slightly more difficult but still attainable.

We have set up a series of articles and help pages to help you with this process. There should be enough information here for even a novice webmaster to install templates in a website.

Building Template Basics - How to build and install your template. Outline of the first steps, required varriables and uploading the files to the website. This should be enough for anyone to install a basic website template in their website.

Replacement Strings - List of all the replacement codes used and what information or files they will be replaced with. This is how you get dynamic buttons, title spaces, colors and backgrounds into your design.

Building Dynamic Templates - More advanced look at replacement strings and how to add them to the html code as well as setting the image urls.

Special Restrictions and Considerations - Discussion of what to consider in your template design. Space requirements of programs and images installed by the website owner. If you want the website owner to have a trouble free and working design you should read this.

Sample Template Code - Here we work through building an actual template which is available for download in the working sample.

Working Sample - Download a zip file with an HTML file, the images and fully configured to be installed as a custom template. You can use it as a base to build on, or just as a working sample.



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