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Make Menu Button Images

By default, the menu links on the website are text.

The Make Menu Button Images section allows you to make buttons for your text links. Every pre-made template we provide has a button that matches the template you are using. You also make your own images as well as select an image from the Button Gallery.

If you are making your buttons for the first time or making changes to your current button images - Step 1: you will first want to select Make New Button with New Options under Current Button Settings.

Note: If you rename your pages or add new pages, you will need to make buttons for those new pages. You do not have to go through this initial process. If you like your button settings, simply select the Use Current Button Setting, scroll down to the bottom and click on the Make Buttons button.

Step 2: scroll down to the Choose a Button Image or Make a New One section. Pick one of the three options.

  1. If you are using a template, you will see the image that matches the template you are using displayed first (the beige colored button in the image above). Right below that image, you will see the words: image matches the template you are using.
  2. The second image listed in that section is either the image you selected from the Button Gallery or the image you uploaded in the Upload Your Own Button Image section. If you want to browse through the image gallery, click on the Click Here to Change link right below that image.
  3. The third option is for you to make your own button. The width of the button will depend on the length of your button names (which are the same as your page names such as Home, Browse, About Us, etc.). A good size to start with is 115 for the length and 25 for the height.

Step 3 is to select Image 3D Effects and Step 4 is the Choose the Colors. Setting 3D Effects and Choosing the Colors must be done together because you will not be able to see some of the 3D effects without selecting colors or, in some cases, the system will fill the selections with white space.

To select Image 3D Effects: click on the drop down arrows next to the boxes with the numbers and pick a number. Remember: Just because you can use these options, does not mean you should. Be careful not go overboard with your new tools.

To select Colors: click on the Text Color under Select Option, go over to the color chart and pick a color. Once you pick a color, you will see the hexadecimal code pop up in the box next to Text Color. In the example above you see #000000, which is the hexadecimal code for black.

Note that here, text outline was not selected because using a text outline on a thin font such as My Yummy Apology makes the font disappear. If you put in a color for text outline here, to see your text outline, select the size of the text outline in Step 5. A text outline looks good with thick fonts such as Arial Black. Note also that image color was not selected because we selected to use the button that matches the template we are using option rather than the make a new image with a length of xx and a height of xx option.

If you would like more color choices, click on the Color Chart link. In the chart, you can find the right colors for you. The chart will provide you with the hexadecimal code. Highlight and copy the code. Click on the back button on your browser to get back to this window and paste in the code in the appropriate box. Make sure that you have the pound symbol (#) in front of the color code.

Finally, you will need to Set Size, Font & Alignment. To make your selections, click on the little drop down arrow for each option and pick your choice. A good Text Size for buttons is anywhere between size 12 and 16. The size will vary with the font you select. A good Font Type is something easy to read such as Arial or Verdana. Try to stay away from loopy fonts because those are very difficult to read when they are small. Your buttons should only be so large when compared to the rest of your website, so stick to something that fits in a reasonable amount of space. You can, however, add additional fonts. Click on the Add Fonts get to the Font Gallery. After you add the font, you will see it listed in your Font Type drop down menu.

You can change the Alignment to Left, Center and Right. We selected left for this example because the buttons are aligned to the left in the template. If your buttons are centered or aligned to the right with respect to the template, then you can change the alignment. You can also change the Edge Space for the buttons. Here, the edge space is set to two because the button we have has a little line on the left hand side and we do not want the text crossing that line.

When you finish making your selections click on the Make Buttons button at the bottom.

Using the selections above (button that matches the template we are using), here is what we get:

Modifying the selections above slightly, we get:

To see your buttons, click on the Website Home icon at the top. This will take you the home page of your website. If you cannot see the changes you made, make sure you refresh your page. If you do not see that your buttons changed even after you refreshed your page, make sure that you selected the Make New Buttons with New Options choice under the Current Button Setting section (see Step 1 above).

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