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Advanced Webmaster Tools

Advanced Sitebuilder Tools - Our sitebuilder offer many advanced tools. While the system is designed for the average user to mange a website easily, they need high end designs and experts to take their websites to professional levels. For this reason we have created many advanced webmaster tools to allow experts to modify the templates HTML and CSS for most of the features and programs.

Programs from the shopping carts to the used car dealer management tools allow custom layouts which use replacement strings that will be replaced with the page data or data fields when viewed.

This lets anyone build a page look or style without doing any programming. Just create the html and insert the replacement values for the areas you whish them to appear. This allows for 100% unique designs on pages, programs, menus and so on.

Most of the tools can be accessed from the main management pages or the program configuration pages. This help page outlines some of the tools and the processes for using them.

We also have the WYSIWYG PRO Editor which supports CSS, allows you to create divisions and set properties, insert video and multi media files easily and most of the features that professional webmasters expect from an editor.

Building Custom Templates - Webmasters can create complete templates that can be uploaded and used as the main template for the website. There are no limits to the custom templates other than the webmaster integrating replacement strings for values that they want the user to be able to chnage using the site builder. A well built template will incorporate all the tools and poorly built templates will bypass the sitebuilder altogether and just be static unchangable designs.

Editing Dynamic Menu - The menu file can be a static file, a web page or a dynamically parsed file that allows the users to add, remove and rename pages that automatically appaer in the websites navigation menu. You can build CSS menus, dropdown multi level menus using the tools we have in place. The tools allow even a novice to build these files and manage them, but the real webmasters want to get into the html and css and we also provide full access to the html and css built using the tools for further editing by hand.

Editing Shopping Cart Layouts - See the individual shopping cart configuration pages.

Image Mapping - The sitebuilder features an image mapping tool that allows you to add links to any image using shape coordinates, alt and targets with no limit t the number of links on an image. The tool can be accessed from the image management pages and under the titlespace tools for mapping the webiste's main title image.

Composite Image Builder - One of the amazing image management and editing tools allows a drop and drag of image layers for watermarking, adding text or logos over images. Create multiple layers and arrange them using your mouse. Then save the image right on the website for instant editing.

Custom Includes - Create text files that can be added to pages in real time. This allows the addition of outside cosed such as google ads and javascript pulling resources from outside websites. These files can be used on multiple pages allowing a central editing point for all the pages using the file.

Standard Tools For Webmasters

It is hard to say which tools are advanced and which are standard since everyone's skillset is unique. Many of the tools we have in place will be too much for our average user to grasp. The truth is, every tool is a great tool for any webmaster of developer. So much so that 90% of our own websites are built using the online site builder. It just makes more sense to have all the tools offered at your fingertips rather than trying to build any type of CMS into a website.

Tools like image resizers are not going to impress any experienced webmaster sich they know very well how to resize, edit and optimize images. But it takes time to save a file, open in photoshop, edit and save then open an ftp utility, find the directory and name of the image on the website and upload the new image in binary format.

Where as with the site builder you can click on an image in the gallery, set the size and you are done.

The time savings of these tools for the experienced webmaster are just amazing. Anyone that spends long hours building or managing websites will welcome the speed at which edits can be made once a webmaster becomes familiar with the online tools.

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