pageBuzz System Updates

pageBuzz continues to grow as more people are added and new ideas and needs arise. Any significant upgrades will be posted here. These upgrades show you that we are improving the hosting system on a regular basis.

In October 2007 we added ARTB which is a proprietary system for backing up website data within a few minutes of any changes. We want to remind everyone that not all updates are programming updates much of our work is in the technology side making sure websites have enough system resources and securing data. We are equally active in the back end processes you do not see, always improving performance and dependability. Our networking software is as impressive as our website building tools. Read more about our data backup and website redundancy. Just a reminder that we are not a typical website hosting company.

January 4 2014 - Added support for 100 CUSTOM RSS feeds for used car dealer inventory. This lets dealers customize the RSS Feed Output for each website or service they wish to submit their inventory using RSS. Now even the smaller websites that are accepting car dealer feed submissions but have unique data requirements can be easily added.

January 3 2014 - Added a simple tool to build a fancy FAQ page. Just type in the questions and answers and set the colors and values. Add to any page using the inclusion code and have a nicely formatted FAQ page with dropdown answers. Find this page building program on the main "Page Properties" link from the management tool bar on every page.

January 2 2014 - Added new Carosel Slideshow Builder. A new style for slideshows where images rotate around in a carosel style display. Supports upto 50 unique shows and works with any images on the website. Found under the "manage photos" page slideshow section.

November 27 2013 - Added Content Slider Builder. This new tool lets you create a slideshow of pages. That means your slideshow can have text, images and even videos. The tool allows for one content slider with up to 10 pages or frames. A nice feature to extend the content of a homepage without the need for scrolling. The feature can be accessed on the "Page Properties" page.

September 13 2013 - Added an email or newsletter signup form. This will allow you to quickly collect and manage email addresses in a simple list that can be exported to any mail program or service. This is an improvement over using the existing deluxe forms to store emails in separate files and extracting them later.

September 11 2013 - Added ability to cross sell items in shopping carts. Create lists of similar items or items of interest that can be displayed on the item pages for each item. Use specific items, a selected category or all items. Requires adding the replacement string to your item pages, enabling in form options and setting the configuration, all carts supported.

September 08 2013 - Added image slider feature to shopping cart. Display a slider of up to 20 product images on any page. Set sizes, limit categories and options for this dynamic image display.

September 06 2013 - Added to shopping cart, ability to set each first option quantity and enforce quantity and use as inventory control. Rather than having one set quantity, you can now have a quantity set for each of the primary options. This is not available in the number 2, 3 or 4 due to the complexity of having 10 milion option combinations for each item. But this does allow for 100 unique item quantity fields under each item. Inventory control will deduct the total from that option and each option is removed when 0 is reached. When all options are depeleted the main quantity is set to 0 and the item is marked out of stock.

September 05 2013 - Upgrades to the shopping carts include addition of 10 custom fields, Titles for product options, return shipping option and shipping groups. Shipping groups let you assign different shipping rates to different items. Return shipping supports items that need to be prepaid for return shipping such as rental items or core returns. The option titles and custom fields can be added to any customized shopping page layout.

September 01 2013 - Added real time fedex rates for domestic shipping. Requires a free account with to access their API. Provides accurate shipping costs based on the parameters that you set.

August 11 2013 - Added serveral new features. Added Favicon tools including an online favicon builder. Added overlay tool to create video or text popups / splash type overlay as well as link activated overlays. Added a deluxe table builder for advanced users to create complex and colorful tables. Added a deluxe marquee builder / editor for simple scrolling text on pages.

August 08 2013 - Added drag and drop presets. These are pages that can be used as your pages, prebuilt with changable images, colors and text. Just click on one to use it and them make any changes you need to customize it to your website. We plan to expand this gallery in the upcoming months.

August 01 2013 - Added new titlespace gallery with 500 new images. The new gallery allows larger sizes up to 1200 pixels for wider websites. You can select a size or set a custom size to fit your website. This gallery will eventually replace the old gallery when we have enough images in place.

July 20 2013 - Added support for PNG files to page gallery and editors. This allows for transparent image layers that can be dragged over other images or text. PNG files were not supported by all browsers back in 2004 when we initially designed the sitebuiler, but things change and now they do. So now we have added the ability to upload and manage those files as well as standard JPG, JPEG and GIF images on pages.

July 15 2013 - Changes have been made to make the management section more user friendly. Added highlights to "edit pages" and "page properties" to show the tools used. We are increasing the page width from 800 to 1000 for larger monitors and expanding the size of the tools to fit the new space. We have also increased the size limits of photos to 1000 pixels and 1MB in size. We continute to make updates to support building larger websites.

July 12 2013 - Added menu file parsing. This allows the addition of custom includes in the menu areas for additional content, images and the hours of operation. This is an advanced feature and requires editing the menu files.

July 06 2013 - Upgraded several used car dealer tools adding the youtube inserter to the editor, added 2 new larger layouts with full image slideshows, added calculator/estimator and estimated monthly cost to available layout fields, added a new car image slider with up to 20 vehicles as well as increasing the images supported from 9 to 25 per vehicle.

May 24 2013 - Added support in the Basic, Advanced and Drag & Drop page editors for video and audio. Now adding your You Tube videos or other media is as simple as adding images to pages. With expaning use of multi media online we will continue to build tools to easily integrate these features in your websites.

May 1 2013 - We completed our move to our new private data center in Tampa Florida. The upgrades give us more flexibility and resources and the tools we needed to expand and provide continued support for new and emerging technologies. The massive move and construction project took up most of our time and consequently no major programming updates were done over the last year. Now that we have settled in to our new location, the software updates will resume.

July 21 2012 - Updated the forms and business card builder to new deluxe format for easier form building. This new image composite tool used for standard image editing can now be used to create printable media, business forms and business cards. (This is for the printable forms only and not web page to email forms.)

July 14 2012 - Added "Build A Blank Image" tool. This lets you create blank images up to 800x800 pixels that you can add text to, modify, map or composite for use in your pages. This solves the problem of blank titlespaces or buttons not being in the color you need. Now you can set any color, size and border for your blanks or starting image layers.

July 13 2012 - Added Super Deluxe Layout Builder. This new tool for advanced users take up where the deluxe layout builder left off. Support for 2 seperate menus in multiple locations, borders styles and position(s), background images and additional menu location options. This is a complex tool to make super advanced layouts by simply selecting options. We have added support for the new layouts with new menu options, secondary menus and the ability to generate images for shopping cart categories. If you felt like we missed something on the other builders, well now you have it all.

June 28 2012 - Added "Hours Of Operation" Builder. This all new deluxe interface allows anyone to quickly build and edit a professional display for business or service hours without manually creating the table and collors in an html editor. Add to pages using standard inclusion code.

May 28 2012 - Added all new Deluxe Page Number Stylizer. This lets you stylize the page numbers on the shopping carts, photo galleries and other programs that use page numbers to show all pages. This tool found under page properties show a preview of the page numbers as you make changes. It is a small detail but one that can improve the overall look of your website.

May 26 2012 - Updated the basic and advanced page editor with "guidelines" on and off mode to show tables with 0 border or previously invisible tables. This should make working with more complex pages much easier and help those unfamiliar with tables better understand the cell areas that are available in existing pages.

March 12 2012 - Major updates to the image composite tool. New easier to use interface allows quick adding of text layers, uploading images and using saved layers to build composite images. It also allows the use of all existing images on the website with a single click, so now building graphics for pages and slideshows is a snap. The new interface replaces the old tool for all photos and galleries as well as the titlespace builder.

March 10 2012 - Added ability to send attachments from web based email. This allows a quick and easy way to send files attached to mail from your domain name address. There is also no limit for file sizes, so if you are using a mail system such as gmail r yahoo that prevents you from transfering files because they are too large, the new feature will solve that problem. Just send the files using the mail options in the management console.

March 9th 2012 - Added simple editor to the edit pages page. This is a very simple fill in the box editor to create fast page layouts without any effort. The pages can be edited later using the standard editors. This simple interface allows anyone to create complex pages just by selecting a page style and filling in the blanks.

Feb 20th 2012 - Updated domain management to automate domain payments. Now domain payments have been added to the make payment page. If you have domains registered with us, the due dates and status will be displayed with a renewal link. If domains are not paid 30 days before expiring then the domain fee will be added to the hosting or collected automatically for all accounts on automated billing. Also added is domain cancelation as well as domain transfer options when canceling hosting.

January 28 2012 - Added all new drag and drop multi level menu builder. This new interface allows anyone to build multi level menus without knowing urls or understanding the menu tree. Although simplified, it is the most powerful menu builder available anywhere online. Allows for full editing and modifications at any time. Does require using newer browsers and resonable system resources, it will lock up a 10 year old computer or outdated browsers.

January 14 2012 - Added wish list option to shopping carts. Allows users to quickly create and manage a wish list of items for sale. Wish lists are valid for 90 days from last update and limited to 1000 concurrent lists per cart.

January 6 2012 - Added autocrop feature to shopping cart image uploads. This allows anyone with random picture sizes to have the pictures cropped to the same size ratio so all the thumbnails or main images are the exact same size. The option can be activated from the item page settings on the main shopping cart management page.

December 26 2011 - Added Deluxe Slideshow Builder. This new slideshow editor allows for up to 50 sideshows, any size, unique effects and transitions. Uses any of the images on your website from the page gallery, shopping cart or photo gallery. It is an easy drag and drop interface with the ability to edit all elemets at any time. Includes optional linking of images and captions to describe each slide.

December 19 2011 - Added ALL NEW Complete Realestate System for realtors, agents or property managers. Allows for 100 listings with up to 25 photos each, automated slideshows, craigslist posting tool and advanced features. Similar to our very popular car dealer system this new group of programs make it simple to manage property listings on any website with a professional appearance.

December 07 2011 - Updated secure server interface and added the deluxe form builder to the secure server which allows up to 50 comprehensive secure forms with databased submissions and email notifications. This muich needed update now allows added security for sensitive data over the SSL server with unrestricted form types, sizes or formats.

December 2 2011 - Added rate and review program to the shopping cart. This allows users to rate items from 1 to 5 stars as well as leave comments about the item. This is a great marketing tool and creates extra content for your website but it is also an opportunity for spammers just as any program that lets users post to your pages. You will find the option on your shopping cart management page whre you can configure the settings and manage reviews.

November 26 2011 - Added 10 custom fields to car dealer gallery and page descriptions. This allows for completely unique content and additional values that can be displayed in pages. Easy to use and configure. Will assist in non automotive listings such as trailers, RVs, golf carts, motorcycles and so on.

November 26 2011 - Added conditional coupons to the checkout. This allows for coupons based on a minimum purchase amount. Configure these coupons on the "Set Checkout Page" under the shopping cart management.

November 25 2011 - Added shopping cart and car dealer stats to web stats. This shows counts on pages viewed, item and vehicle names by day or by month. It also separates the main gallery views from the actual item or vehicle pages so you can understand which products have the most traffic and still see activity on the main gallery pages.

November 23 2011 - Added Drag & Drop Webpage Editor. This new editor allows simple editing of pages by dragging and droping text areas and images into place. Easily add borders and format pages unlike any other editor available online. This unique tool is not available at any other hosting company and will change the way pages are built. Look for the D&D under the Edit Pages page in the management console. This editor is probably the single most important upgrade since we started building this company in 1997. It makes editing pages super easy and has a very short learning curve.

November 17 2011 - Shopping cart updates. Added thumbnail image option to the checkout page, can be set under the checkout page settings. Updated the max upload size to 2MB per image and added optional default image sizes for item pages up to 800 pixels for layouts or image displays supporting larger sizes. Sizes can be set under the item page settings.

March 26 2011 - Added Deluxe Form Stylizer. This lets anyone style form fields and submit buttons with colors and roll over effects. The tool creates a style sheet that will alter the look of all the forms on a website for a clean and professional appearance. Simple to use, real time preview lets you fully understand the final look you are creating.

March 25 2011 - Added Deluxe Form Builder. This new feature lets you create up to 50 custom forms with advanced features, check boxes, radio buttons, multiple choice drop downs and more. Drop and drag into position, edit at any time. Form results can be emailed to any address and or saved in an online database. This is one of the slickest upgrades for building forms and collecting data.

March 20 2011 - Upgraded the menu position tool so now it is drop and drag to set the order of menu buttons. We continue to improve all of the tools to make them even more user friendly.

March 15 2011 - Added approximately 14000 new fonts to the fonts gallery bringing the total available fonts to just under 20,000. Fonts can be used in images, buttons, forms and business cards or other graphics using the online tools.

March 5 2011 - Added new feature to build custom CSS menus. The tool shows a realtime preview of the menu as it will appear on the website. Full slide control of sizes, colors, fonts, borders and headings. Support for vertical and horizontal menus, pages and shopping cart categories. It is another installment in the Deluxe Tool Suite currently being developed exclusively by pageBuzz.

February 27 2011 - Added new tool to build custom advanced layouts. The tools gives you a real time preview as you change colors, menu position and borders. You can now get a fully custom look without editing any html or css. Just use the layout builder to update your advanced layout. You will find the tool on the page properties page in the layout section.

February 24 2011 - Added 1000 new title spaces to the titlespace gallery. We will continue to expand this gallery as we add new tools for building custom page layouts and the demand for unique titlespace images increases.

January 21 2011 - Added custom database program. This program lets you build a searchable database with up to 2500 records and 30 data fields each. Full search and page display options with customizable layouts and advanced settings. Build up to 2500 data driven web pages or use the search to make data more accessible to visitors.

January 18 2011 - Added Rate and Review program. The program allows you to create 1000 item reviews that visitors can also review. The averages of the reviews are displayed as 1 to 5 stars as well as full list of user comments. This first version of the program is well optioned and has extensive management tools. Will work great for running a review type website or just adding a few of your own products for review.

January 6 2011 - Updated the simple blog with full settings page allowing text size, alternate share icons, rss settings, page summaries and the number of posts per page. These additions help make the simple blog even more flexible than most commercial blogging sites.

January 1 2011 - Added new SEO download report. An advanced tool to show download speeds of pages as well as the keywords being recognized on program pages and how the search engines view your content.

November 27 2010 - Added discount group pricing to shopping cart. This allows quantity discounts of grouped items as well as special pricing such as buy one get one free, buy 2 get 1 for 20% off and so on. You set the values and create irresistible specials, added just in time for the holiday sales.

November 18 2010 - Added Craigslist Posting Tool for Car Dealers. This will save time when posting vehicles to craigslist with images, contact details automatically set up for you. Just login, make a few clicks and spend just minutes posting all of your vehicles on craigslist.

May 31 2010 - Added new Simple Calendars. Add up to 20 unique calendars to pages and just click in the boxes to edit the text for that date. Simple to mange and set up. This new calendar format is faster and more flexible that the old calendar while allowing for multiple calendars for unique topics.

May 27 2010 - Added an additional slideshow to manage programs. The new Polaroid Style slideshow uses unique transitions such as shuffle, toss and zoom moving images inside and over the page. Can be used without the polaroid style border when images have already been modified with the new image effects.

May 26 2010 - Added to shopping carts, the ability to set discounts for multiple quantity sales. Set a regular price for 1 item and another price for anyone purchaing over 10 items, 20 ect. Set up to 5 quantity ranges for both retail and wholesale pricing.

May 21 2010 - Added image effects tools to photo management. Now you can easily add edges and special effects, frames, borders, drop shadows, rotate and mirror images and more. This lets you take ordinary images and make them look like a graphics expert has modified them exclusively for your pages. Take your website graphics to a whole new level.

May 7 2010 - Added Printable Custom Business Cards and Forms. Create your own identity and print your own business cards and forms right from the website. Use standard paper or specialty perforated paper to make business cards in minutes. Customize hundreds of stock forms, invoices, letterhead, stationary and more. Use any of the over 6000 fonts, 5000 clipart images or upload your own logo.

April 16 2010 - Added trend graphs to webstats. This shows the traffic trend over a 24 hour period or over an entire month. Website traffic, crawler activity and referral trends give you a quick overview of your website activity in a nice easy to understand chart.

April 9 2010 - Added new text over image composite tool. This lets anyone create text layers and image layers to superimpose images over other images. Add, text, logos, images to gallery images, shopping cart images or your template title. Each layer can be dragged into place for exact placement of layers. The new tool is available in all image galleries and from the titlespace section under page properties.

March 31 2010 - Added support for 2 additional rate tables to assign shipping rates for Canada and International orders. This simplifies the checkout for foreign orders and helps prevent the selection of domestic rates for shipping outside the US when used.

March 27 2010 - Added support for Paypal Website Payments Pro API. This allows anyone with a Paypal Pro account to collect payments directly on the secure server so the customer never goes to paypal. The paypal payment pro accouts are available at paypal for around $30 a month and are similar to a regular merchant account. We are not advising anyone to rush out and get one, but if you have one, you can now collect payments directly on the website and process payments automatically.

March 23 2010 - Add realtime UPS shipping rates. The checkout page can contact your account at for actual rates rather than estimating rates from the rate tables. This provides the most accurate shipping information possible. Additionally a field can be added to items for all weight based shipping to calculate the number of products in one shipping box and costs will be calculated based on the number of packages needed in each order. This is greatly improved over the weight per order method which did not take into account orders that required multiple packages. These improvements are necessary because of the high volume of shipments now being processed by our shopping carts.

March 04 2010 - Added support for multiple images in shopping cart. Enabling this option will let you add up to 4 photos per item. However, each photo counts against the capacity of the entire cart or the 2500 items. The option is great for anyone that wants to quickly add several views of an item but does not need the entire 2500 item capacity of the shopping cart..

March 01 2010 - Added in support in the basic editor, shopping cart editor and blog editor to insert images from main image gallery, shopping cart images or photo gallery images to give more image options while editing regular pages.

February 18 2010 - Added Beta version of the Simple Blog. This is a simplified bloging program without all the extras offered in many commercial blogs. It was built as an efficient way to add content and get blog posts on your website without any hassle. We will likely add a more advanced blog later as we get more feedback from the users and learn what extra options are needed.

February 14 2010 - Added custom inclusion codes. You can now create includes such as forms, javascript, html, css, menus or other text that you want to include in pages but does not play well with the online editors. Create up to 50 custom inclusion files and codes to use on your pages.

February 10 2010 - Added Beta version of the NEW Availability and Rental Calendar. This program was added to support our large base of vacation rental properties as well as any other application that needs to show a daily availability schedule for booking, rentals or reservations. Good applications include music bands, wedding photographers, DJ's, heavy equipment rentals or any product or service that books by the day. We plan to expand this feature to include automated online booking as we get additional feedback from the users.

January 30 2010 - Added new SEO report showing the page each keyword or phrase is appearing on the 3 major search engines, MSN/Bing, Google and Yahoo for the last 6 months. This gives an overview of how your pages are being ranked and how many cliks each keyword is getting. The information has also been added to the regular webstats for more time sesitive results.

January 2 2010 - Added preset css menus which can be used as is or edited to better suit a template, layout or design. Just browse the gallery and click on the menu you want and it will replace your current menu. Both horizontal and vertical menus are available.

December 28 2009 - Added tabbed content and custom fields feature to shopping carts. Allows tabbed area with links to multiple layers of content displayed in the same page replacing the regular description. Great for special product instructions, data sheets or other details that you don't want in the initial description but still need to provide on the page. The extra information remains hidden until it's tab is clicked keeping the design clean and uncluttered.

December 20 2009 - Added advanced titlespace and banner tools allowing for multiple lines of text with unique fonts and sizes.

December 15 2009 - Added image croping and link mapping to photo management tools. Added link mapping to titlespace tools to link areas of the titlespace to pages or external websites using an image map.

December 4 2009 - Added new photo viewer to photogallery. New options added to eStore, car dealers and photo gallery for flash style display of images.

November 22 2009 - Added new shopping cart option SimpleCart. The simple cart gives new display options and a clean and simplified look without all the clutter of the eStore. Includes the same features as all the carts but gives everyone an option for a new unique look. You can find the simple cart on the shopping cart management page.

November 20 2009 - Added in wholesale pricing to shopping cart. Allows resellers to login and get discounted rates and place wholesale orders.

November 17 2009 - Added in automated Gift Certificates. Anyone using the shopping cart can offer gift certificates or gift cards that can be used to make purchases on your website. Fully automated from purchase to checkout as well as detailed management tools for checking, adding and modifying gift certificates.

November 11 2009 - Shipping options updated. The new options allow for zone or distance based pricing in the US Mail, Fedex and UPS rates. This upgrade was necessary due to changes in the US Mail system and can be used by simply adding your origin zipcode to the shipping options.

October 8 2009 - Upgraded the image manager. Added tools to remove, replace, rename and resize images used on pages. An additional bulk delete allows you to delete up to 16 images at a time.

August 29 2009 - Completed the first 100 Boutique Style Templates. The new templates are available under the "page properties" templates section. Each is integrated into the estore and lists the store categories on the main menu. The new templates offer a boutique look with many themes from country primitives to classic stripes and dots. While the templates are less flexible they offer a quick professional boutique look with no effort.

August 14 2009 - Added a simple to use tool now found on the manage programs page. It allows anyone to build a marquee or scrolling text and or picture area and add it to a page.

August 10 2009 - Added inventory control to shopping cart. By enabling this feature on the set checkout page the cart will automatically deduct the items quantity as they are sold and prevent multiple sales of one of a kind items or items running out of stock.

July 10 2009 - Added 120 new themed templates bringing the templates to over 1000 designs. The new templates have themes based on customer requests.

June 27 2009 - Added WYSIWYG PROFESSIONAL. An editor so advanced we don't even support it. Allows professional webmasters to modify style sheets, add layers and manage elements that are beyond the understanding of most of us. This is just another step in giving professionals the tools to build and develop customer sites that can be managed by the customers. pageBuzz is quickly becoming the number one CMS among professional webmasters.

June 15 2009 - Added an advanced multi level menu builder. The new tools can be found under page properties. The tools let you build a multi level drop down menu with sub categories. This is for advanced usres only and overrides the default menu tools when used.

May 22 2009 - Added a slideshow to the titlespace tools. You can now quickly add multiple images to your titlespace for an animated banner or presentation on top of every page.

May 18 2009 - Added an auto play slideshow that will display up to 10 photos from sizes 200 to 600 pixels in a sequence with transitions and effets that you can adjust. Allows you to create some motion on your home page or display a product in a new and unique manner. Can be found on the manage programs page and added to any of your pages.

April 20 2009 - Added 140 new templates to the themed templates with some specific themes that many people were asking for.

March 26 2009 - Added dedicated photo gallery. The gallery is a simple way to display photos rather than using the shopping cart. The total capacity is linked to the shopping cart, combined capacity of 2500 photos between both. This lets you use unused shopping cart space for extra photos or just a gallery for those that do not need the e-commerce. You will find the photo gallery under "Manage Programs".

March 20 2009 - Added alternate page menu option to page properties menu buttons. This allows an alternate file or page to replace the standard page menu. This alows advanced uses to build drop down menus and use fancy javascript techniques without building a custom template. Also helpful when you want to take advantage of the extra space below the main menu.

October 24 2008 - Added Redirect Fictitious URLs so you can direct local links to outside urls for affiliate marketing or condensed advertising.

October 21 2008 - Extensive blocking of automated bots to improve security, privacy and network performance. Read more about the new bot filters here. We have been able to filter out more than 80% of the email harvesters and data mining bots while allowing the search bots full access.

October 10 2008 - Added support to link buttons to outside URLs or internal URLs using a button map. The new tools can be found under page properties in the buttons section.

August 30 2008 - All templates updated. All templates are now centered in the page with web 2.0 style CSS link effects and allow for an outside background or color. This update allows a uniform look on monitors set at higher resolution than the sandard 800 pixels..

August 29 2008 - Updated the page and links colors settings. Added new color selector for a more user friendly tool and more color options.

August 26 2008 - Added advanced layouts to the templates and layouts options. Advanced layouts allow for multiple colored cells, borders and more web 2.0 stylish looks.

August 22 2008 - Updated titlespace gallery into categories and added 1600+ new images.

April 15 2008 - Added 2 text based options to shopping cart. This allows you to accept a name for engraving, printing or personalization for each item. See the full help page. Set the form field options to include this option and then use the add options link under edit items to add this option to your current items.

April 14 2008 - Shipping options updated. Added 5 flat rates, the ability to use in store pickup, a rate table and all other options combined. Also added the ability to name the rate table so you can specify shipping type or location such as international.

Feb 28 2008 - Added item weight to product options. This allows you add additional weights to options to be calculated into the shipping cost. This helps where options are different sizes or include extra items which impact the shipping cost.

Feb 23 2008 - Web 2.0 Emulator Cart added in Beta Mode. This new shopping cart emulates the look of popular commercial open source shopping carts like os commerce and zen cart wile using your existing products. This is a new look that many of our users have been looking for so they can be the same as everyone else online. The cart requires it's own configuration and a unique inclusion code of %%SHOP-ESTORE%%. If you are looking for an updated web 2.0 look for your store, this new program offers you that solution. Read the full details here. We are lableing the program as beta while we work out the final details and features. The program could change as we make improvements or add new features hoever, it is fully functional.

Feb 19 2008 - Added random image feature. This allows you to add a series of random images to your home page so visitors will see new products each time they visit your website. Can be set up and configured under the main shopping cart settings. See full details here.

Feb 11 2008 - updated webstats to include search engine keywords, seperation of bots and real visitors and primary search engine crawlers.

Feb 10 2008 - Added a titlespace gallery to use with layouts and the ability to modify those images or an uploaded titlespace using the titlespace tool.

Feb 5 2008 - Added button effects. Allows you to have menu buttons that move, glow or depress in and out of the page. Effects can be added to any existing menu using button images. This new feature can be found under Page Properties in the Buttons section.

December 8 2007 - Updates to the custom template system. Now using one html page format making it easier for an average user to use the dynamic template system. See building custom templates for more details on building custom templates.

October 24 2007 - Tax option update. Finally, we decided on a simple way to collect tax by state with out making it invasive and costing too many sales. If you choose the option to collect tax for any particular state, the user will be required to provide their zipcode to calculate the shipping and final order before accessing the checkout page . If you do not collect tax, then everything remains the same. This extra step will allow you to collect tax only in your state.

September 18 2007 - New Affiliate Program added to the shopping cart. Allows independant affiliates to sell your products and you track and pay commissions on the sales. Set percentages and discount rates, supports internet and non internet based referrals.

September 14 2007 - Expanded the image upload for the main gallery to allow batches of 10 images at one time instead of 1 image at a time.

September 10 2007 - Classified Program Added. An all new classified system allows anyone to run their own classified website with free or paid photo ads using paypal to collect payments. The program is detailed and extremely flexible. This is a new opportunity for earning money with your website and one of the biggest program additions here at pagebuzz.

August 28 2007 - Affiliate datafeed storefront program. This allows anyone to upload a datafeed supplied by, or and have a fully functional affiliate based webstore. Updating only requires uploading the newest datafeed. A great tool for anyone that is running a website that markets affiliate products.

August 26 2007 - Guestbook Changed. The old guestbook in use was insufficient in blocking spam and was just an overall disapointment. A new guestbook has been added to replace the old one. Of course easier to use and lots of security. Any old comments can be converted to the new guestbook so you can preserve the data and now have a spam free and useful guestbook.

August 21 2007 - Added widgets. Prewritten javascript that can be inserted into a page using a widget code. Just like adding real programs you can add calculators, time clocks and other gadgets to make websites more functional or interesting.

August 6 2007 - Added the first version of an advanced page editor. Includes table tools, improved color selections and cell background colors. Added linking abilities with file browsers to link to images or pages easily and opening a new windows. Added cleanup tool to remove binary data from copy and paste from MS Word. The overall appearance is the same, but the features are more robust and more complicated to use. The basic editor will remain but this new option will offer the advanced users better editing capabilities.

July 14 2007 - Added "In Store Pickup" to shipping options. Allows a bypass for shipping for local pickup customers.

December 03 2006 - Added support to allow the attaching of an image up to 10mb to an e-mail to provide a managable format for gathering images with orders. If you run a printing service or require your customer to provide you with a photo to customize your product, now you can do it during the checkout process. The option can be included on the configuration of the checkout page in the shopping cart. Images will be renamed to coincide with the order invoices and dates.

November 26 2006 - Added feature to forum to allow the ordering for display of main categories.

November 26 2006 - Added program to list the users registered to use the form and other signup only programs. Feature added to alow the administrator to ban/activate or modify user details including password changes.

October 27 2006 - Due to spammers and security issues we have added image verification to the feedback form and posting board. This will help prevent the automated attacks against the posting boards and the e-mail forms. This may be added to additional programs if they become the targets of hackers and spammers. This may affect your forms if you have created your own html. Check the updated building form fields page.

October 24 2006 - The calendar has been modified to allow your site users to change the months and view upcoming and past calendar information or schedules. The option can be added under "Manage Programs" in the calendar colors configuration.

October 24 2006 - The main list of pages to edit has been divided into groups of 50 with the ability to sort alphabetically by name or by most recently modified. This will only effect sites that have over 50 html pages to manage. The links to exclude pages and set titles and meta tags have been moved to the "page properties".

August 27 2006 - Added option to redirect add to cart button directly to the checkout page. The default is to send the user back to the page they came from. This is particularly helpful for sites selling one item at a time. The option can be changed under the shopping cart on the item page options.

August 10 2006 - Shopping Cart Export feature added. Adjustments to import feature allow for pipe or tab delimited files, export in pipe, tab or csv format . Allows data management outside the website or transportability of data to other hosting systems. This is an advanaced feature and is not needed for the average user. Both features are on the main shopping cart page.

July 30 2006 - Modified the shopingcart search colors. The shopping search previously displayed results with a gray title area separating items. You can now change that color from the page colors settings.

July 29 2006 - Added browse menu option. Some of the browse pages were getting ugly with long text lists of 50 categories. You can now replace the text menu with a dropdown type menu. This change can be made in the "browse page settings" under the shopping cart management page.

June 22 2006 - Added "Pay Later Feature". This allows customers to shop, generate an invoice and send payment via mail or other means. This option can be added from the checkout page settings.

June 19 2006 - Added design layout options for the item pages in the shopping cart. You can now choose from several designs for the main show item page. In addition, the "Add to Cart" button can be replace with your own image to match your website. You can also display product options with a list of radio buttons rather than a dropdown menu.

June 15 2006 - Added 2 additional search engine optimization tools. One allows you to place ads on parked domains. Similar to google ads except free. The other will count and dispaly keywords and give you can idea of use frequency and search engine desireability.

June 08 2006 - Extra editor added for car dealer's pages. This allows dealers using the buzztrader inventory system to add additional content to individual car pages on their website. The same as editing any other page, the content is added to the page for that car.

June 07 2006 - Car Dealer Feed Modification. Added the ability to sort the galleries by year from old to new or new to old, or price high to low or low to high. Originally designed for classic car dealers the change makes the program more useful to dealers selling newer cars.

June 02 2006 - Secure Server Modifications. The secure server has been modified to allow easy modification of the forms on the payment page. Currently only available on the credit card processing system. Allows the collection of unique data that is only applicable to your product or service.

June 02 2006 - Added program to list inventory with a "Buy Now" direct link to the secure server. This is particularly useful for collecting for services or merchants that sell individual items without needing the shopping cart feature. Inclusion code %%include- buynowlist%%. Also allows for an image rather than the standard button.

May 10 2006 - Modified Audio / Video Upload to allow txt, pdf and doc files. This allows everyone 10mb of space for multi media and document files.

May 01 2006 - Slide Show Option added to photo gallery. This allows for a series of images to be displayed in a specific order with next and back links. Inclusion code %%include-slideshow%%

March 18 2006 - Added ability to upload your own background image. An uploaded background image will override an image that was seleceted from the gallery.

March 12 2006 - Plain Text Editor added to page editing. On the 'Edit Pages" page, you will find links to HTML. This will open a plain text editor that bypasses the WYSIWYG editor. The standard editor is limited and has some problems managing javascript errors and forms. This plain text system allows you ulimited freedom with pages while still using the templates and programing.

March 10 2006 - HTML editor added to shopping cart Full Descriptions. This allows you to build more complex and complete pages for items including links to sample pages and outside sources.

March 8 2006 - Ability to change internal table color on layouts added. Only 2 layouts use table colors, #12 and #14. This allows a unique page color or background and seperate color for the working area.

Feature added to expand options on shopping cart items. A link was added in the management shopping cart search that will include all 4 sets of product options with 5 blank fields. This allows you to add more sets of options to existing items.

March 5 2006 - Header and Footer feature added. The header and footer allow you to include the same text at the top or bottom of all pages. This is useful for displaying ads, banners or notices that need spectial attention.

March 1 2006 - New forum added. Allows you to run a multi topic forum with registered members. Admin edit and member banning.

Central member registration program based on the forum signup was developed to add to new programs. Currently the message board and chatroom can be limted to registed users using this feature. More development is planned.

How much more do we plan to add?As software developers, we do not see any end in sight. As new users build websites, they give us new ideas and need new programs to fit their market. pageBuzz was built with the ability to easily expand and grow as technology changes. The nice part is, the more we add, the more you get for the same low price. We are committed to never charging extra for additional features.