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System Updates - Fixes and improvements

Getting Started - basic overview on starting with your pages.

Basic Computer Help - How to use a computer. Copy and paste, and other tricks that you may need. Nothing to do with this site builder, but these will help improve your web IQ.

Logging In - if you are having login problems read this for more help.

Browser Settings - Every browser has unique setting and abilities. Not all browsers are created equal and some settings are often changed by the users. Make sure you have the cache, javascript and cookies set correctly to use the page building tools.

Browser Cache Settings - Before starting your page editing, make sure your browser is set up correctly. If you are not seeing changes to images, buttons and pages after editing or replacing, correct the settings on your browser.

Cookies - cookies must be enabled to use the page building tools.

Javascript - Make sure you have javascript enabled

How to Build Pages: To build pages, simply click the "add a new page" link in the main management console then look for the full list of pages also in the Main Management Console. You will see links to (edit) (view) and (delete) the pages you have added. Click the link that applies to what you want to do with that page and do it!

How to use the HTML editor

Using Templates - Choose from hundreds of preset templates and customize the titlespace of that template.

Using Layouts - Layouts are different than templates and allow much more customizing. Using a template will override any setting of your layout.

Building Custom Templates - If you are an experienced webmaster with a basic knowledge of HTML and graphics you can build and install your own dynamic templates.

Using Tables in Pages - This is an overview of how to use tables to divide your pages into sections. This is an advanced design concept and not necessary for a standard page.

Building Menu Buttons - You can use text links as your main menu or use the button builder to build button images to replace the text. Buttons are cleaner and give a profesional look.

Adding Programs - We have included a series of programs that you can easily include in your website. To include a program simply type the "Inclusion Code" associated with that program into any page when you are editing the page. Click Here for the programs and codes to include them.

Adding Widgets - these are javascript codes that range from clocks to calculators and even games you can add to your pages. See widget codes for a complete list of widgets.

Adding Page Counters - Choose from any of the page counters and use the inclusion code for that counter. There is a complete list of counters available in The Counter Gallery.

Password Protect Pages / Members Section - build a complete members section with paid access or just protect a few pages for your friends and family. Scaleable with auto expiring passwords.

Adding Audio or Video Files - You can add up to (10) 1MB files to promote your band, club, business or whatever. You must be the legal owner of the files. No television, No pop artist files & No adult content.

Website Traffic Stats - Web stats show you who is visiting your website and how they are finding you. Check the pages they are looking at and how long they are staying.

Extra Tools: each website comes with additional tools that make life a little more convienient. These tools allow you to keep information and records online where they are accessible from any internet connection. This allows you full access to records from work, school, home or on the road with out having to carry your own computer with you.

Address Book - keep e-mail and contact info up to 1000 records right in your own database.

Banner Builder - build your own link banners or images, hundreds of blank banners to choose from.

Search Engine Submission - advertise your website to all search engines at one time.

Helpful Articles - here is an index ofuseful tips and tricks to making money online.

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